Saturday, October 11, 2008

KCS Mega Round the Island Night Convoy

What a great nite out! It was super! I couldn't even begin to describe the feeling when I saw the trail of lights on the highway only to realise that they were all members of KCS on it's first ever Singapore night convoy. This historical event began at Kallang Mac and it ended at West Caost Mac but the journey was nothing short of spectacular. From the beautiful lights of Changi's runways to the heavenly sights at Jurong Hill, our members really did soak up the atmosphere of Singapore's night skyline. Plus we had a convoy catwalk at YD, dinner at Changi V, a mini-autoshow at Jurong Hill, photoshoots at various scenic what a super packed event. All thanks to all the members who came and supported the event. You guys are amazing.

Here are some pics of the event. I know the pics really don't do justice but we know the real pics are inside our minds and our hearts.

For more pictures please visit KCS Photo Album

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Monday, September 22, 2008

KCS Mega Round the Island Convoy

Sunday, August 10, 2008

4th KCS Anniversary Photoshoot at Kallang Stadium

Yet another wonderful event for Kelisas, Kenaris and our Frenz who turn up to celebrate our 4th Anniversary of KCS. Eventhough the downpour did worry us for a moment there, it finally stopped at around 4 and it was wonderful weather all the way. Many newbies turned up as well as the seniors and our frenz from KOGS and MyVIC club as well. Thanks all for showing your support for this event. During the event we had a member propose to his girlfriend. That was something memorable indeed. Not forgetting we have now a 2008 KCS T-Shirt on sale. Many members didn't wait long to get their hands on the T-shirt. KCS hopes we can organize more events in the future and we hope we will get the support form our members. Thank you all for coming.

Date: 10th August 2008
Time: 2 P.M.
Location: Kallang Stadium carpark J
Some pictures to share of the event.

For more pictures please visit KCS Photo Album

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KCS 4th Anniversary Photoshoot cum Mega Meet-up

Hi all, it's been quite a while since we had our last major meet-up. I'm sure most of the members are really looking forward and wondering when is the next one?

Well guys, here's the good news. KCS is gonna have it's 4th Anniversary Photoshoot cum Mega Meet-up. Feelin' excited yet? You guys should be. This is one of the rare chance where we can all gather and have our photos taken as one big group. How often can we have an oppurtunity such as this?

So don't miss your chance to get your photo taken as a club. Hurry-hurry put down your name down and come support this very rare and fun filled event!

Date: 10th August 2008 (Sunday)

Time: 1400 hrs

Location: Kallang Stadium Carpark J

Activities: Celebrate KCS 4th Anniversary, Photoshoot, Newbie Registration, Club Decal sale, chit-chat and getting to know one another better.

This shall be the shedule for that day.

1400 - 1430 hrs: Members start to come in and registration.

1430 - 1600 hrs: Start marshalling and taking photos of the cars (according to Colours)
First in line will be Gold ----> Blue ----> Mocha ----> White ----> Silver.

1600 - 1630 hrs: Marshalling and taking photos of Other car makes and frens of KCS

1630 - 1730 hrs: Whole group of cars and of course group photos of the members.

1730 - 1800 hrs: Selling of decals and that Special Suprise. Message from Chairman.

1815 hrs: End of event.

Members will be given a bottle of Newater courtesy of PUB.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Welcoming the Newbies Meet-Up 2008

Wow....what a great event. After a long long long break, this meet-up certainly cured any symptoms of the dreaded "to little meet-up session" syndrome. Even with the rain which is notning unusual for any KCS meet-up, once again KCS members stood their ground and came in droves to Kallang Mac for a nite of sharing and fun. Safe to say we fulfilled our objectives to get the newbies registered and they got to lay their hands on our exclusive KCS decal. In addition, our Chairman bro miniDOHC has also announced the re-opening of the much anticipated Numbering Stickers. Now how's that for exciting.

Wanna give out a big thank you to all the KOGS members who turned up especially to bro Rovermania and bro Maxtoocrazy. Not forgetting bro White from MyviClub. Thanks for making your way down to Kallang bro. Thanks to all the members who came and lend us your support and last but not least, to all the wonderful NEWBIES who showed up. Thank you guys...all of you. Hope to see you soon.

Some Pics to share wif you guys:

For more pictures please visit KCS Photo Album

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

22nd Sept Official Meetup cum DIY session

It's time yet again for members of KCS to meet and chit chat....maybe do some DIY even. We gathered at a MSCP in Sengkang area, near bro monger's place at around 1500 hrs.

Although there wasn't much Doing-It-Yourself going on, there was alot of neat tips and advice going around amongst the members. To all who shared their experiences and advice with the rest of the members, thank you.

1. monger
2. swift Osprey
3. Sunbear201
4. Edz
5. tazzy
6. karlisahorlic
2. OneOnly
3. icebreaker
4. keat (newbie)
5. Returner
6. Oi
7. checkmatemocha
8. calibre7

For more pictures please visit KCS Photo Album

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cross TT with Yaris Club & Toyota Club

The rain didn't stop us from having a wonderful meet-up at Marina South Carpark A with our good friends from Yaris Club and Toyota Club. The highlight of the meet-up I must say was the photo taking session. After the meet-up some of fishes went down to Kallang Mac for some makan then later witnessed the fireworks display at Tangjung Rhu. Phew....what a day it was. Swee...

Thanks to all who came down and made it memorable, especially to our frens from Yaris & Toyota club. Not forgetting bro Punkie....thanks for coming down bro :

1. miniDOHC
2. Calibre7
3. Bryan (Met us a Kallang Mac)
4. XbusturdX
5. Edwin
6. monger
2. L9Turbo
3. Styloboi
4. Grouper
5. Jteo (Happy Birthday bro)
6. Edz
7. Jes2
8. kopvampp aka rabbit
8. tazzy
9. BearBear
10. Xiao Mashi
11. Karlisaholic
12. BenKeli
13. checkmatemocha
14. micah
15. k
16. Punkie

For more pictures please visit KCS Photo Album

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